About the ParcelInform.com

This site ParcelInform.com is dedicated to the problems of delivery of parcels from Russia to the USA using the Russian Post.
During the first wave of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, many people faced the problem of non-delivery of parcels.
Many countries have fully or partially closed their borders.
Many air carriers have cut flights between continents and states.

Then the users of regular standard mail, Russian Post found themselves in a difficult situation.
All parcel tracking systems began to show or long delays in the passage of parcels.
Some of the packages were completely lost.
People began to ask each other – What is going on?
Where are our parcels?

Everyone who sent a parcel or who was expecting a parcel realized that he / she was not alone in receiving the problem.

People began to ask each other – what is happening with other sendings of other people.

In those days, I also sent several parcels from Russia to the United States.

And some of them disappeared.

And I began to collect the track number of parcels and help other people look for their parcels.

Having a lot of numbers, it becomes possible to see the general picture of what is happening at the moment in the promotion of the mass of parcels.

Observing the mass makes it possible to see the process in the context of time and in the context of space.

It became possible to see and compare the state of affairs in the past, even to predict the future a little.

It also became possible to see the old paths along which they passed in the past and new paths through which the blocks of parcels now began to pass. It became clear where and at what stage the parcel jams occur.

In the spring of 2020, I started blogging on this topic on my old website.

But over time, it became clear that there was no need to mix up the theme of my old site and the theme of tracking packages.

So I created this new site.


Regards, Alex