Russia-USA parcel delivery statistics – Charts

Hello everyone!

Well, finally, after several days (or weeks) of work,
I got a graphical representation of the data on the delivery of parcels from Russia to the United States.

Now in my program I can enter an arbitrary range of dates and see how the delivery process
of the parcels that were sent at that time was going on.
In this article, I publish a delivery schedule for parcels that were sent in the first half of March,
between the dates – 2021-03-01 and 2021-03-15.

As we can see, there are two peaks, two delivery peaks.

One falls on the 16th day after dispatch.
The second peak falls on the 76th day after dispatch. it can be assumed that these are two peaks of two types of delivery.

On the 16th day, this is probably the peak of delivery by air.
Day 76 is probably the peak of delivery by sea.

Email me what date range you are interested in.

Send me your tracking number(s) and questions to

Regards, Alex

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