Russia-to-USA parcels – fresh statistics (January 2021 – May 2021)

How long does it take for parcels sent through the Russian Post.
Latest statistics :

Tracknumbers (Russia-United States, January 2021):
All=809; Delivered=724 Minimum Days=5 Average Days=30 Maximum Days=132
Tracknumbers (Russia-United States, February 2021):
All=1567; Delivered=1322 Minimum Days=6 Average Days=43 Maximum Days=104
Tracknumbers (Russia-United States, March 2021):
All=1354; Delivered=886 Minimum Days=5 Average Days=41 Maximum Days=81
Tracknumbers (Russia-United States, April 2021):
All=620; Delivered=311 Minimum Days=4 Average Days=24 Maximum Days=61
Tracknumbers (Russia-United States, May 2021):
All=94; Delivered=35 Minimum Days=3 Average Days=13 Maximum Days=23

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