Parcel Sender Nightmare – The tracking system writes your package on the way. Reality: In fact, your package has already been received.

Recently, one long-standing problem has exacerbated.
When a sender sends a package from Russia, he tracks its movement using a tracking number.

The tracking system shows all the movements of a parcel from one post office to another.
At the beginning, the parcel passes through the territory of Russia, then there is a period of movement “between countries” and finally
the parcel is sent by the US government mail.

For many years, such systems have helped to track both domestic and international parcels.
Using such systems, we, ordinary users, are convinced that this was done for us.
and that at any moment in time you can see exactly where the package is.
However, a strange phenomenon has recently become noticeable – the tracking system shows that the progress of the package
suspended at one of the intermediate points and the parcel has been there for many days.

It happens. This is a fairly common situation. The parcel is somewhere in the warehouse and is awaiting dispatch
on the further route. The package is stuck and will be shipped soon.

But (!) The situation is much worse if, according to the information in the tracking system, the package is in transit,
but in fact it has already been received.

This is a VERY unpleasant situation for the sender!

Senders from Russia, as a rule, keep track of the movements of their parcels all the time.
They are very worried about delays. as there may be disputes and complaints about the untimely
delivery by the recipient.
Senders from Russia are constantly conferring with each other, discussing the delay of parcels on the forums,
write complaints on the Russian Post website, prepare and file lawsuits against the Russian Post, and so on.

And they rely on a tracking system. If the system says that the package is in transit, then the sender believes it
also thinks that the package is in transit.
The sender does not sleep at night, expects complaints, claims and fines.

And suddenly he finds out that in fact the parcel has ALREADY been delivered!

The Russian Post itself responds to this that the tracking system is their internal affair.
This is for them, for postal workers, and not for ordinary senders.

It turned out that not all packages are tracked (Can you imagine that?)

Theoretically, there is a possibility of fraud on the part of the recipients of the parcels.
The parcel can be received, but seeing that the tracking system shows that the parcel has not been delivered,
initiate a dispute on the marketplace about the untimely delivery of the parcel.
Such cases are extremely rare, but there is a possibility of such problems occurring.

Summary for parcel recipients
Request to the recipients of the parcels – If you received the parcel, be sure to inform about the sender of the parcel.
Especially if, contrary to reality, the tracking system shows
that the package has not yet been delivered.