Only one record in the parcel tracking history. What does it mean?

Question –

I bought something in Russia.
The seller sent me a track number.
But for a long time I have not seen any movement.
The tracking systems only show me one entry.
What to do?

The answer is

I will try to explain how the Russian Post works here.
At least I’ll tell you a typical path, which I myself have used more than once.

You buy an item in Russia.
The seller receives money through the PayPal system.

After that, the seller goes to the website of the Russian Post, where he is already registered as a user and can pay by entering the data of a plastic bank card.

1) The sender fills out the form on the Russian Post website.
In the form, the sender describes the parcel, enters the data of both the sender and the buyer.
There he chooses various options for the shipment.
Avia or By Land (“land” for the United States means shipping by sea).
After entering all the data, the sender pays for the parcel and receives a track number. The sender also receives from the Russian Post website documents for customs and for the post office.

So at this point, the sender paid a significant amount of money for the shipment. For example, a package weighing 2 kg can cost $ 33-35.

2) The sender picks up the parcel and takes it to the post office.
Post office employees accept the parcel at the Russian Post office.
At this point, a second entry appears in the tracking system. This is a record that the parcel has been accepted for carriage.

3) Then it remains only to monitor the movement of the parcel.

That is, if the package is actually sent, then the system must have at least two records.

First record – track number issued (purchased).
The second entry is that the parcel was accepted at the Russian Post office.

If your parcel has only one record and more than 3 days have already passed and
the sender did not bring the parcel to the post office,
then the process of refunding the payment for sending the parcel BACK to the sender’s bank card begins.
The refund process can take up to 5 banking days.

This is a typical process with no specific details.

So I advise you to track the first movements of the parcel.

Example –

2021-02-14 09:44 Russian Federation, Nizhnij Novgorod 159 603159, Acceptance, Single
2021-02-14 08:22 Russian Federation, Moskva 12 109012, Identifier assignment

Regards, Alex