Some questions from blog readers. 2021-03-05


I got some questions from blog readers:

-I read the news about the Aeroflot cancellations (Aeroflot changes its scheduled international flights program). Does this mean that all air cargo from Moscow will not travel during that period of time? Or are there other carriers that Russia Post will use?

My answer is –
Aeroflot is the largest and most important carrier in Russia.
Aeroflot is heavily used by Russian Post for international traffic.
But Aeroflot is not the only carrier.
There are other airlines as well.
Moreover, during the time of strict quarantine in the spring of 2020,
the Russian Post still worked.
The Russian Post hired carriers from other countries
and also sent parcels by sea.
Basically, all parcels were delivered.
The main problem at the time was the delivery time.
The parcel began to go 90-120 days instead of the usual 20-40.
Most likely, it will be the same in the spring of 2021.
I hope there won’t be such long slowdowns. But there may be some slowdowns.
Most likely, the Russian Post will hire intermediary carriers
from those countries where there are no such strict quarantine restrictions.
I think so.
Sincerely, Alex

-Hi! I am wondering if you could help give me an idea of where my package could be RR075786824EN

-My  answer:

I’m afraid you are using the wrong number.
There is no parcel with that number – RR075786824EN.
I can assume that in fact the number looks like this –
Link for tracking your parcel –

So far, everything is in order with your package.

And I can even guess why this error happened.
The point is that the sender may have used to translate the letter to you.
And this service interferes with the content of letters.
And the service has a tendency to translate even the parcel numbers.

Then the package with the number RR075786824RU will look like