My package has been in transit to USA for over 40 days and is still in Russia.


tracking Number: CL059457073RU

-Hello, I was wondering if you could give me any info on my package. 
It has been in transit for over 40 days and is still in Russia. 

Thank you very much,


The first thing I would draw your attention to is that the parcel took too long to pass through the territory of Russia (about 40 days). –

In this situation, in theory, the sender can apply for a “delay in promotion” on the Russian Post website.
Then the Russian Post can pay a ridiculous symbolic fine, about $ 7.
The second thing I see is very strange logistics.
The package sent from the Chelyabinsk region was delivered to Moscow, and then to Kaliningrad. The package was not shipped to the United States directly from Moscow.
Getting to Kaliningrad is a bad omen.

As far as I understand, there are parcels sent to Europe. For parcels to Europe, this is a normal typical situation. Through Kaliningrad, there is a flow of land transport from Russia to Europe. This is fine and works well.
But why send a parcel to Kaliningrad, which is sent to the United States?
I suspect that medium-weight parcels go there, to Kaliningrad. If a letter or a small lightweight parcel is sent, then they are usually sent abroad directly from Moscow.
Heavier parcels, such as this one (1.5-2kg), can be sent through Kaliningrad.
This is a bad sign. Since from there they can send a parcel not by plane, but in a sea container. The journey in a sea container takes a very long time. This happened in the spring of 2020 in connection with the pandemic, when the planes almost did not fly.

Your package has just arrived in Kaliningrad. She arrived there yesterday. Now you have to wait at least 1-3 weeks to see further progress.

Now the parcels are sent by air, not by sea containers.
An example of a fresh delivery through Kaliningrad –
2021-01-12 19:06 United States, JFK, Processing of international mail, Processing by designated postal operator
2021-01-11 09:13 Russian Federation, Processing of international mail, Forwarded to the carrier
2020-12-20 17:01 Russian Federation, Kaliningrad Pi-3 236983, Export of international mail
See –

I am sending you
1) Data block of parcels sent from the same region as your parcel.
Block 1

2) Data block on parcels that passed through Kaliningrad
Block 2

Regards, Alex