I have to go back. 2020-12-17

2020-12-17 – 

Hello everyone!

I have to go back.
In the spring, there were big problems with the delivery of parcels by Russian Post from Russia to the USA.
By autumn, the situation had stabilized more or less.
But now I again see slowdowns in mail flow.
My past databases are already out of date.
But again I began to receive requests from mail users.

Here’s what I can do.
I cannot answer your questions like
-Where is my package? It was sent to me from Russia N days ago.
The status of the parcel is “Sent from Russia”. Can you help me?

My answer for today:

Send me your tracking number(s) to AlexLanoAnimation@Gmail.com

-If you give me a tracking number, then in return I can give you a block of numbers near yours.

“Near” means – some numbers from a certain vicinity from yours.
These will be numbers, as a rule, from the same region of Russia, close in time of dispatch.

I understand that this is not an answer to your question – “Where is my package and when will it arrive”.
But it will be a true answer based on partial incomplete data and it shows the big picture – what happens with “similar” packages.
Write me a letter with a track number and I will try to do such a job for you.
No guarantees and no accuracy, but I can try to get a block of real track numbers similar to yours.

Regards, Alex