March-July 2020

2020-08-25 – 


I summarized the available track number data.
The result is this – 

Russia-USA 2020-03  = 121 days
Russia-USA 2020-04  = 95 days
Russia-USA 2020-05  = 75 days
Russia-USA 2020-06  = 49 days
Russia-USA 2020-07  = 48 days

Details –

As you can see, the delivery time for parcels is getting shorter.
However, one must understand that this is only indirect data, because –
1) This database is too small
2) This is data about parcels that had problems. 
People wrote about these packages:
 “Oh, I see a problem with my package with the tracking number ….” 
That is, if the sender has, for example, 100 parcels and 10 of them have problems in delivery, 
then he/she complains about these 10 parcels. 
3) There are different data for different months. 
For one month there are, for example, 150 numbers, and for another only 50.
4) In the most recent months, not all parcels have been delivered. They still on the their way.
And the final delivery time is not yet known.

However, although this is indirect data, it is there.
That’s all. I’m tired of maintaining this base and tracking the track numbers.
If anyone needs it – enjoy!

Let’s hope that the real situation will improve soon.

Sincerely, Alex