Russia-USA parcels. March-April-May 2020

In March 2020, the Russian Federation stopped passenger air travel. Starting from March 27-28, flights of the largest airline, Aeroflot, stopped.
Other airlines of Russia also stopped flights. The number of flights fell several times (up to 10 times). The flights were not completely stopped. But flights became very rare, very expensive, and apparently only for special high-ranking people.
The cessation of flights of passenger airliners dramatically affected the work of state official mail. Russian Post has posted on its website a list of countries with which the mail service has been completely discontinued. This was a rather short list of 20-25 exotic countries, mostly these were distant ocean islands. The United States was not on this list.
However, mail was not interrupted with other countries. Russian Post continued to receive parcels for sending them to other countries not included in the list of countries with stopped mail.

Russian Post continued to receive parcels from Russians for shipment to the United States and many other countries.

However, the Russian Post in fact was not able to send the received parcels from Russia to distant countries, such as the United States.
The Russian Post has almost no aircraft of its own.
The Russian Post has only two own aircraft.
And both of these aircraft are involved in the transport of goods from China to Russia.
This causes outrage from manufacturers within Russia itself.

Aircrafts of Russian Post are –
RA-64051 and RA-64052.

Flight history for aircraft – RA-64051

Flight history for aircraft – RA-64052

As you see, the main direction is Moscow – Novosibirsk – Hangzhou (China).
They not used for direction Russia-USA.

Masters from Russia are outraged – Why does the State Post of our country bring goods from China to Russia, but does not have the ability and intention to transport our goods produced in Russia to distant sales markets, especially to the USA?

As a result of the absence of passenger traffic, the supply chain of goods by the Russian Post was also destroyed.

Russian Post used precisely the cargo compartments of passenger aircraft for the transport of goods. It was the cheapest and fairly fast way. New supply routes are sought rather slowly and often with a lot of failures.

On this page you can see the list of track numbers of parcels. These are mainly parcels from Russia to the USA. But there are parcels to other countries.
Here you can see the real situation – how many parcels have already been delivered, how many are still on the way.
It mainly contains packages sent from Russia to the USA during March-April-May.

Watch and enjoy the test.

Traking numbers in blocks. This is a FILTERED list of parcel track numbers. Here are ONLY parcels sent from Russia to the USA –

Russia-USA – Block 1   Russia-USA – Block 2   Russia-USA – Block 3   Russia-USA – Block 4   Russia-USA – Block 5   Russia-USA – Block 6   Russia-USA – Block 7   Russia-USA – Block 8   Russia-USA – Block 9   Russia-USA – Block 10